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Protect Local Public School Funding

Equitably fund public schools and prohibit taking funding and resources away from traditional neighborhood public schools

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Secure Teacher Pensions and Repeal the 1% Teacher Tax

Protect teachers' retirement by placing a state asset, such as the Connecticut lottery, into the fund to ensure the long-term solvency, stability, and benefit structure of the teachers' pension system and repeal the 1% tax on teachers.

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Protect Teachers' Rights

Advocate against any proposals that eliminate, restrict, or interfere with teachers’ rights to negotiate salaries, health insurance, working conditions, and other benefits.

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Safe Working and Learning Environment

Protect teachers and students by addressing and preventing violent classroom behavior; address issues of mold, extreme temperatures, lead, water quality, and other school building conditions unconducive to teaching and learning; and require school districts to adopt the National School Climate Standards

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Minority Teacher Recruitment

Improve upon 2018 legislation promoting strategies for recruitment and retention of minority teachers

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DCF Unsubstantiated Claims

Protect teachers who have had unsubstantiated DCF claims made against them

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