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Welcome to the Connecticut Education Association

CEA advocates for students, teachers, and public education. We've been a driving force in lobbying legislators for the resources public schools need and campaigning for high standards for teachers and public education. Our proud history spans more than 150 years.


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    New Report Highlights Student Testing Concerns

    February 11, 2016

    A new report on student testing is a step forward, according to Connecticut teachers, but much more investigation and research must be done before policymakers can assure students and parents that Connecticut’s approach to student testing is effective and non-discriminatory. The Connecticut Mastery Examination Committee, empowered to investigate SBAC, delivered its interim report to the […]

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    Educator Certification Shortage Areas for 2016-17

    February 10, 2016

    If you’re working under an endorsement that is considered a shortage area you may be eligible for benefits such as loan forgiveness and mortgage assistance. Based on a survey done in the fall, the state Department of Education has now released the Certification Shortage Areas for 2016-17. Most of the shortage areas remain the same […]

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