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Welcome to the Connecticut Education Association

CEA advocates for students, teachers, and public education. We've been a driving force in lobbying legislators for the resources public schools need and campaigning for high standards for teachers and public education. Our proud history spans more than 150 years.


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    The Truth about Unions and Underperforming Teachers

    July 29, 2016

    It’s accepted as fact in some quarters that unions keep bad teachers from being fired—however research by Harvard trained economist Eunice Han is turning this axiom on its head. Her study, “The Myth of Unions’ Overprotection of Bad Teachers,” found that “districts with strong unionism dismiss more underperforming teachers and have lower teacher attrition than […]

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    To Grow Readers, Broaden their Horizons

    July 28, 2016

    The era of test-based accountability has brought about an intense focus on reading and math instruction that sometimes leaves other subjects behind. The directors of the Knowledge Matters Campaign say this is a big mistake if we truly want to improve children’s reading ability. They write, It seems obvious to suggest that if you want […]

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