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Submit Testimony on Social Emotional Learning

The Education Committee will be holding a public hearing this coming Monday on legislation related to social and emotional learning (SEL) in our schools in the form of HB 5378. While the Education Committee’s SEL proposal contains important pieces, it is not enough. What is truly necessary is a comprehensive approach to address student trauma and promote social emotional learning.

    A comprehensive approach would include addressing the underlying causes of disruptive student behavior such as:
  • Establishing school protocols so that disruptive students can get the help they need
  • Changing the kindergarten start age
  • Ensuring that staff ratios for social workers, school counselors and school psychologists meet national standards
  • Addressing over testing
  • And more...

This behavior is adversely affecting the learning environment for all students and is not being addressed. We need you to share your stories so that the state legislature will adopt the proposals in our initiative and take the necessary steps to solve these problems. Fill in your information and click "Start Writing" to write and submit your comments for CEA to share with legislators. If you do not wish to have your name used with your story.

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