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Important Information Regarding County Director Elections

Here is an official County Director packet which describes the process of running for a position. ***Please note that all forms must be posted by certified, receipt-requested mail.

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CEA is a democratic organization. CEA members play an important role in determining the direction and focus of the Association through several elected governing bodies - from CEA officers to county directors to delegates to the CEA and NEA Representative Assemblies. This area provides information and procedures about elections to these governing bodies.

Members interested in becoming candidates for several open governance positions must submit official nomination petitions to CEA. Petitions must be sent by certified mail, return-receipt requested, and postmarked by December 1, for eligible nominees to be certified as candidates by the CEA Elections Committee.

Up for election in 2020 are the positions of:

• Two NEA Director positions
• NEA Director Alternate
• Ethnic Minority Director At-Large
• Eight County Director seats on the CEA Board of Directors

Requesting a Nomination Form

County Director and NEA Director and Director Alternate nomination and petition forms are available from Mary Pat Soucy at CEA's Hartford office. To request a form, contact her at 1-800-842-4316/860-525-5641 or via email,marypats@cea.org.

Bylaws require all nomination petitions for the available positions be signed by at least 25 Active members; be received at CEA by certified mail, return-receipt requested; and be postmarked by December 1, to be eligible for nomination.

Nomination petitions must specify the name and qualifications of the person being nominated and the NEA position or county director position being sought. (Members must indicate on the official CEA nomination form which county director position they seek.)

The CEA Elections Committee will meet as soon as possible after December 1 to review all nomination petition forms and to certify candidates for these positions. All nominees who submit petitions will be notified about their status as a candidate following this meeting.

Information on nominees will be published in a spring issue of the CEA Advisor. Balloting for County Directors, if necessary, will be conducted within counties by first-class mail in late March.

NEA State Delegate Nominations

Nominations are now open for the 2020 election for state delegate positions to the NEA Representative Assembly (NEA RA). Click here for more information. All nomination forms must be returned by certified mail, return-receipt requested and postmarked no later than December 1.

Nomination forms are now available for the 2020 election for state delegate positions to the NEA Representative Assembly (NEA RA) and CEA-Retired delegates to the CEA RA. To be eligible for nomination, all nomination forms must be submitted online by December 1.

Members may nominate themselves or other members in accordance with the NEA eligibility requirements. All members, regardless of ethnic minority status or nonethnic minority status, are subject to any limitations in the NEA Constitution and Bylaws. They also must meet all eligibility requirements for current membership in the Association and in the class and category to be represented. The nomination deadline for the 2020 election for state delegate positions to the NEA Representative Assembly (NEA RA) was December 1.

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