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Grants and Awards

CEA Public Relations Grants and Awards

Applications and Information

  • The Norman E. Delisle Public Relations Grant

    Named after the man who served as CEA Public Relations Director from 1956 until his death in 1981, these grants, which range between $50 and $500, are awarded annually to individual associations for NEW public relations projects within the community.

  • The Thomas P. Mondani CEA Friend of Education Award

    CEA's most prestigious award is presented at the CEA Representative Assembly in May. The award is named after Thomas P. Mondani, who served as CEA executive director from 1971 to 1994. It is awarded to one individual or group outside of education for outstanding efforts on behalf of teachers, students, or public education

  • The Charles B. Kelly Local Media Award

    Named in honor of the person who served as CEA Communications Director for nearly a decade (1982-91), this award honors persons and organizations that have shown support for teachers and public education through local news coverage in newspapers, radio, or television. These awards are presented at the CEA Representative Assembly.

  • The CEA Salutes Award

    The purpose of the CEA Salutes Award is to recognize outstanding contributions by individuals or organizations to public education.

  • CEA Newsletter/Website Competition

    A print or electronic newsletter is an excellent means of bringing your association's message to the public. To be most effective, the association should know the exact reason for preparing a newsletter. This purpose, or rationale for distribution, must be clearly stated in each issue of the newsletter and on the entry form.

    A website is an excellent means of bringing your association's message forward. To be most effective, the association should know the exact reason for preparing the website. This purpose, or rationale for distribution, must be clearly stated on the entry form.

  • The ABCD Award (Above and Beyond the Call of Duty)

    The ABCD Award is designed to recognize outstanding professional contributions by individual members. Awards will be presented only to members who have gone above and beyond the call of volunteerism in activities that have benefited the association or contributed to promoting a positive image of teachers or the teaching profession.

CEA Clifford Silvers Education Advocacy Award

This award is named in honor of the late Clifford Silvers, a tireless advocate for teachers' rights and excellence in public education. Silvers, who passed away in 2017, was a longtime UniServ Rep, manager, and labor arbitrator.

CEA's Clifford Silvers Education Advocacy Award is presented to a group or individual member of the education community at the CEA Representative Assembly in May. It is awarded to a CEA member, staff member, or other education stakeholder who has dedicated his or her life to supporting students, made outstanding contributions to the improvement of the teaching profession, and promoted excellence in public education.

Equity Fund

The Equity Fund's purpose shall be to provide equity among all affiliates in dealing effectively with financial problems. Download the form below for guidelines and additional information.

Application Form

CEA Human and Civil Rights Awards

HCR Awards

Nominate your CEA colleagues! Select from several award categories such as the Susan B. Anthony Award for Creative Leadership in Women's Rights and Mahatma Gandhi—Martin Luther King Jr. Peace Award.

Not sure what to include in your nomination materials? Download a model HCR Award nomination packet.

Nomination Deadline: February 1, 2018.

John McCormack CEA/NFIE Award for Teaching Excellence

We bet you know many outstanding teachers who might qualify for the John McCormack CEA Award for Teaching Excellence. Here's your chance to nominate one of them (or you can even nominate yourself!). The application will not take long, and the reward is definitely worth it — $2,000 from the CEA, plus an all-expenses paid trip to the NEA Foundation's Annual Salute to Excellence in Education Gala in Washington D.C.

We are looking for candidates who are creative, student-focused, culturally responsive, dedicated to life-long learning, and strong advocates for public education.

The individual selected to be the John McCormack Award winner also becomes the CEA's nominee for two additional prestigious awards: The Horace Mann Award and the NEA/NFIE Award. Five individuals will receive a Horace Mann Award and a prize of $10,000 each, and one person will be selected for the NEA/NFIE Award with a grand prize of $25,000.

The CEA member who receives this award will be CEA's nominee for the NEA Foundation Award for Teaching Excellence.

Forms and additional information

The application deadline for this award is February 9, 2018

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