CEA Advisor: February-March 2018

FEBRUARY - MARCH 2018 CEA ADVISOR 3 NEWS BRIEFS The CEA Advisor is mailed to all CEA members. Annual subscription price is $7.63 (included in membership dues and available only as part of membership). Institutional subscription price: $25.00. Advertising in the CEA Advisor is screened, but the publishing of any advertisement does not imply CEA endorsement of the product, service, or views expressed. CEA Advisor UPS 0129-220 (ISSN 0007-8050) is published in August, October/November, December/ January, February/March, April, May/June, and summer (online) by the Connecticut Education Association, Capitol Place, Suite 500, 21 Oak Street, Hartford, CT 06106-8001, 860-525-5641. Periodicals postage paid at Hartford, Connecticut. Postmaster: Send address changes to CEA Advisor , Connecticut Education Association, Capitol Place, Suite 500, 21 Oak Street, Hartford, CT 06106-8001 February - March 2018 Volume 60, Number 4 Published by Connecticut Education Association 1-800-842-4316 • 860-525-5641 • cea.org CEA Advisor CEA Advisor Staff Nancy Andrews................. Communications Director Lesia Winiarskyj.................................Managing Editor Sandra Cassineri................................Graphic Designer Laurel Killough...................... New Media Coordinator CONNECT WITH CEA blogCEA.org facebook.com/ CTEdAssoc twitter.com/ ceanews youtube.com/ ceavideo cea.org instagram.com/ cea_teachers flickr.com/ photos/ceapics Production date: 2-22-18 CONNECTICUT EDUCATION ASSOCIATION NEW TEACHER CONFERENCE MARCH 24 2018 Heritage Hotel and Conference Center, Southbury, CT Keynote Speaker Erin Berthold 2018 Connecticut Teacher of the Year CONFERENCE WORKSHOPS § Breakoutedu: Unlocking a Key to Student Engagement § Culturally Responsive Teaching: Safe Conversations About Mindset and Pedagogy § Degrees Not Debt § Developing Interdisciplinary Project-Based Curriculum § Introverts in the Classroom § Google Basics: Google Classroom 101 § Managing Your Boss § Supporting Struggling Writers in Everyday Classrooms § Teacher Evaluation: Know Your Rights and What You Need to Do to Get a Proficient or Higher Rating § Teachers and the Law § What Is Behavior? How Can I Manage It? 8:30am Program 1:15pm Lunch Register at cea.org under Upcoming Events. While geared toward teachers in their first six years, the conference has expanded this year to include professional development for all CEA members. “ One child, one teacher, one book, and one pen can change the world. Education is the only solution. Education first.” Malala Yousafzai q IN THIS ISSUE 2 LEADING With the 2018 legislative session under way, CEA is fighting for public education and teachers’ rights on many fronts. 4 MOBILIZING Advocating against budget cuts, furloughs, layoffs, and other drastic cuts caused by chronic state underfunding is a priority for every teacher. Read how your colleagues are mobilizing for long-term solutions. 5 ADVOCATING CEA members and leaders testify on the need for pensions that allow teachers to retire with dignity; full and equitable funding for public schools, not CMO-run charters; and TEAM support for new educators. 6-7 SUPPORTING CEA members and leaders push for necessary resources for pre-service and early-career educators. Also, five steps to take if you get a nonrenewal notice. 8-9 COMMUNICATING In a show of solidarity at CEA County Forums, teachers vow to stand stronger in the face of Janus and other anti-union threats. Hear what your colleagues are doing and how you can join them to protect your profession. 13-15 REPRESENTING The NEA RA is in the offing, and the governance structure is shaping up. Get the details on the candidates and newly elected delegates. Plus, CEA members in locals with 76 or fewer members can find out how to become a county cluster delegate to the 2018 NEA RA. 16 CONNECTING From actions at the State Capitol to news on professional development, CEA’s blog, tweets, Facebook page, and more keep you in the loop. ON THE COVER Like their colleagues around the state, Stratford teachers send a strong message: Don’t shortchange our students. See how teachers organized locally to address furloughs and others cuts and push for long-term solutions. Story, page 4.