CEA Advisor: February-March 2019

16 CEA ADVISOR FEBRUARY–MARCH 2019 CONNECTING STAY CONNECTED The 2019 Connecticut General Assembly is in full swing, with meetings, public hearings, and legislative debates happening almost daily. The session, which opened January 9, will adjourn at midnight on June 5. Proposed bills often change, and the pace picks up the closer legislators get to adjournment. Count on CEA to keep you up to date on legislative developments that affect your profession and public education. Here is how you can stay connected. „ Action alerts During the legislative session and as news happens throughout the year, CEA keeps members up to date on issues that impact their classrooms and careers. By emailing members, we are able to quickly mobilize on legislative actions on everything from teacher pensions to school funding. „ CEA.org Look for top stories on our homepage and check Legislation and Politics for everything from written testimony on education to a legislator lookup and a Shiny Apple, Rotten Apple scorecard so that you can see which elected officials support teachers and public schools. For a list of top eduction priorities this session, go to cea.org/politics/priorities . „ BlogCEA.org BlogCEA.org is your source for state and national education news. Sign up and never miss a story. „ Twitter Follow us on Twitter ( twitter.com/ceanews ) for up-to-the-minute information on hearings and debates affecting public education. „ Facebook CEA’s Facebook page ( facebook.com/CTEdAssoc ) is never more active than during the legislative session. Members discuss specific issues and compare notes about what their legislators are talking about at home. CEA also posts to the page from committee meetings and from the gallery of the Senate or House during debates. „ CEAgo Check out CEA’s roundup of education news, events, and member discounts delivered straight to your inbox twice a month. Teachers are busy, and no one knows that better than CEA. Instead of flooding your inbox with content you don’t need, CEA strives to deliver only what’s relevant, timely, helpful to you personally, and critical to your profession. CEA communications with members are sensitive, which is why they are sent to personal (not school) email addresses. Being able to reach and mobilize tens of thousands of members helps the state teachers union respond effectively when legislators debate hot-button issues. Many legislators have not set foot in a pre-K–12 school in years. In order to understand the challenges you face, they need to hear directly from you—and your colleagues. The more they hear, the more likely it is that Connecticut will pass legislation that supports public schools, students, and teachers and reject measures that make it harder for teachers, students, and schools to succeed. Stay connected with your union. If you are not receiving email updates, go to cea.org , click Member Login, and update your profile with your home email address. CONTACT INFORMATION FOR YOUR LEGISLATORS Go to cea.org/politics/legislator-lookup to find your state legislators. Senate Democrats 1-860-240-8600 Senate Republicans 1-860-240-8800 House Democrats 1-860-240-8500 House Republicans 1-860-240-8700 „  Instagram CEA’s story told through images representing our members and staff, all working together to provide great public schools for every student. ( instagram.com/cea_teachers ) BlogCEA Follow CEA on Twitter! WE  RESPECT YOUR TIME