Get Out the Education Vote November 6

Remind your colleagues to hit the polls for public education, teacher pensions

So much is on the line this Election Day.

With some candidates pledging to protect public education, others staying silent, and some openly promising to undermine everything from teachers' rights to students' safety, it's more important than ever to get out the vote.

Some candidates have proposed putting a cap on teachers' salaries and doing away with unions. Some have said that, if elected, they would cut off state funding of teachers' pensions. Some are in favor of arming teachers—evidence of how out-of-touch they are with what the vast majority of teachers want and need.

As former Teacher of the Year Jahana Hayes said in a rally for gubernatorial candidate Ned Lamont last week, "Your voice is your vote."

Hayes, who is running for Connecticut's Fifth Congressional District, is one of several pro-education Connecticut candidates on the ballot this midterm—someone who understands firsthand the demands placed on you, the challenges you face in the classroom every day, and the resources you need to succeed.

Just as teachers can count on Hayes and Lamont to advocate for their profession and their students, they and their fellow pro-education candidates are counting on teachers to come out and show their support on November 6.

Remind the teachers in your building to check their candidates' records, check both sides of the ballot (some cities will have two-sided ballots), and get out the education vote.

Building reps:
Please print and post these flyers in your faculty breakroom.