Ned Lamont's Message to Teachers

90-second video highlights support for Connecticut's educators

In a new video, gubernatorial hopeful Ned Lamont voices his support for teachers and outlines his plans to ensure that they succeed in the classroom and retire with dignity.

"I am going to be a champion for education every day—for our students, our schools, and our teachers," he says. "You do the most important work in our society. You inspire our kids. You teach them civics, make them great citizens, and prepare them for 21st century jobs. What could be more important? I will remember that every day."

He adds, "I also want you at the table, helping us go forward with the changes we have to make. I hear a lot of candidates blaming teachers for what's going on and blaming teachers for the pension. I'm going to fight to secure that pension going forward and fight for teachers every day. I can't think of a more important priority for our state, and that's why am running for governor."