CEA Issues Report Cards for Legislators

Who gets high marks for public education, and who fails to make the grade?

With election season around the corner, it is important to know which incumbents voted with teachers, who went against us, and which new candidates are staunch supporters of public education.

  • Who decided to plug the state's budget deficit with a payroll tax on teachers? Who voted to roll back that teacher tax?
  • Who demanded greater protection for teachers and greater supports for students whose behavior endangers others? Who didn't?
  • Who upheld the standards for teacher certification that you worked so hard to achieve? Who is willing to fast-track certification for less-qualified candidates?

CEA has introduced a report card and honor roll system that evaluates legislative candidates' voting records on issues that matter to you. Just in time for Election Day, November 6, see who's a true ally in the fight for quality public education and whose campaign promises fall short.

CEA President Jeff Leake shows you how to navigate the CEA Report Card.