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CEA Raises Concerns about School Regionalization, Teacher Pensions, ECS Changes, and More

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Teachers' livelihoods and retirement security as well as educational outcomes for students are top priorities for the state's largest teachers union. That's why CEA staff and leaders have testified before the legislature's Education Committee about various cost-cutting proposals that threaten those very priorities.

"We are fully aware of the need to right Connecticut's financial ship," CEA President Jeff Leake told the committee, "but that cannot be done by expecting local governments to fund the necessary payments into the Teachers' Retirement System." Cities and towns, he reminded lawmakers, are still struggling financially, and shifting the state's responsibility for funding teacher retirement onto municipalities "is not the answer." He proposed instead that the Connecticut Lottery be placed into the pension fund as a way of smoothing out payments into the TRS and reducing the state's unfunded liability.

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