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September 18, 2017


Take Action

Today, Governor Malloy reaffirmed his decision to veto the budget that passed this weekend, which contains a number of anti-teacher, anti-union proposals that would impact our students, our profession, and our schools. We support the veto of this budget for the reasons below and are calling on legislators to convene immediately to create a real bipartisan budget that invests in public education and creates a reliable revenue stream to fund education.

If signed into law, the budget passed this weekend would:

This budget and the one proposed by the Democrats, which included the cost shift for teacher retirement onto cities and towns, put our public schools and Connecticut's future at risk.

We are calling on legislators to convene immediately to craft a true bipartisan budget that:

In the coming days we will be providing you with more information regarding the budget situation and will ask you to once again contact your legislators and urge them to come together to do what's right for Connecticut—pass a budget that works for all of us and invests in our public schools. Please watch for our emails and take action when the time comes.