CEA-Retired Pre-Retirement Information

Pre-Retirement Membership Information

What is a pre-retired subscriber?

A pre-retired subscriber is an active member who prepays his/her life membership in CEA-Retired and NEA-Retired prior to retirement. Any active CEA member who has taught for at least 10 years is eligible. Pre-retired membership for CEA and NEA affords CEA/NEA Active members of any age the opportunity to purchase both a Prepaid CEA-Retired Life and NEA-Retired Life Membership prior to their retirement. The combined cost of a Pre-Retired Subscriber life membership is $500 ($250 CEA and $250 NEA). Concurrent enrollment is required.

Pre-retired subscribers may attend CEA-Retired and NEA-Retired meetings and conferences. However, because of their representation as Active members, they may not vote in CEA-Retired or NEA-Retired governance elections. Unrestricted CEA-Retired and NEA-Retired Life Memberships commence immediately upon official notification of retirement.

In addition to all CEA and NEA active member publications, NEA-Retired, Pre-Retired and Retired members subscribers also receive the NEA-Retired's bimonthly publication, NEA Today for NEA-Retired Members.

Become a CEA-Retired/NEA Retired Pre-Retired Subscriber Today

To join,download and print the CEA Pre-Retired Enrollment form and mail to it the address below. You can also email Cherie Young at CEA, or call her at 860-725-6337 or 1-800-842-4316 to request a membership form.

Mail Form CEA-Retired Membership
Capitol Place, Suite 500
21 Oak St.
Hartford CT 06106-8001

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