Update Your Information with STRB

Update Your Information with STRB

February 02, 2018

When folks fill out their application for retirement, whether deliberately trying to keep their personal e-mail address less available or because they think the form deals with teaching, they use their school e-mail address and that typically becomes inactive and invalid within days of their leaving the school district.

Retirees also move and don't let STRB know their correct mailing address should STRB need it. IF STRB has to use the US mail to send out any notice, the cost could be as much as $0.35 for each piece of pre-sorted first class mail to the over 35,500 individuals receiving pensions. That amount is around $12,500 per mass mailing.

In order to reduce costs, STRB is trying to use valid, up-to-date email addresses to reduce this enormous cost. Retirees can update their contact information that STRB has for them by using the Address/Name Change form found on the STRB forms website.

Members should also be sure to update this information with CEA as well! Please contact Lauren McGovern.

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