Update on Changes to the STRB Healthcare Fund

February 8, 2018

Update on Changes to the STRB Healthcare Fund

Because of underfunding by the CT legislature, the STRB Healthcare Fund will be bankrupt by this summer. To avoid this, STRB is changing its Medicare supplement plan to a Medicare Advantage Plan through Anthem.

  • All members on the STRB plan will be moved to the Medicare Advantage plan on July 1, 2018.
  • You will be able to stay with Stirling Benefits, but you must opt-in at a higher cost.



Medical Plus Prescriptions

All coverages (inc. vision and dental)

Current Plan (Stirling Benefits) $101 $156
Anthem Medicare Advantage July 1, 2018 $74 $134
Stirling Benefits July 1, 2018 $199 $259

  • An information packet containing all the details of the new plan will be sent to all STRB members by Anthem.
  • The Plans are very similar to each other with regards to the services covered (this is mandated by CMS). The primary difference in the plans is the way in which copays are collected and some of the maximums are applied.
  • Under the Anthem PPO plan there is a network. The network is the largest commercial Blue Cross network with all Connecticut hospitals and well over 95% of the physicians in the network and 600,000 participating providers nationwide.
  • There is an out of network option that is available with a $250 deductible. Given that the plan is being installed mid-year, the deductible will be waived for the remainder of calendar year 2018.
  • The Anthem PPO plan has a $5 copay for sick office visits and $0 copay for well visits. ER visits are $100, outpatient stays at $100, inpatient stays at $200.
  • For out of network (a very small percentage of services used) after the deductible, there is a 90/10% cost share on all services.
  • The combined in and out of network out of pocket is no greater than $2,000 per annum.
  • The Medicare Advantage Plan includes the Silver Sneakers Program which provides gym membership to improve health and fitness.
  • The Stirling Benefits Plan is on our website.

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