Become a Volunteer for CEA-Retired!

Be a Volunteer for CEA-Retired!


Join a Standing Committee

The driving principle behind CEA-Retired is to provide retired members an organization that works in conjunction with CEA to improve retire-ment, pension, and health benefits. CEA-Retired provides its members a forum to continue a commitment to improve public education by working with active members. The organization encourages member participation at the political level by promoting CEA and NEA legislative agendas. CEA-Retired also offers its members opportunities to stay connected through social events and community service initiatives. But we can't do it alone: we need your help.

Committee Opportunities

Standing Committees of CEA-Retired are ap-pointed by the CEA-Retired President with the advice of the Advisory Council after the CEA-Retired Annual Meeting in May. This typically takes place in June with additional appointments made in September. Terms will be for one year commencing on August 1.

A description of each committee and a brief description of the committee duties is listed below. Contact CEA-Retired President, Gloria Brown for more information.

If you are interested in serving on one of the committees, please complete the committee application.

  • Membership Committee

    Develops and carries out plans for recruitment of potential members. Promotes CEA-Retired membership at CEA functions.

  • Legislative Committee

    Works in conjunction with CEA Legislative Committee to promote the CEA Legislative Agenda. Participates in CEA-Retired lobby activities and other related Legislative activities.

  • Finance Committee

    Develops a proposed budget based on the CEA adopted budget. Presents proposed budget to CEA-Retired Advisory Council in the fall.

  • Constitution Committee

    Annually reviews the Constitution and Bylaws of the Association. Presents to the CEA-Retired Advisory Council all proposed changes.

  • Election Committee

    Annually reviews all CEA-Retired election procedures and policies and makes recommendations to the Advisory Council. Oversees the elections at the annual meeting and verifies results. Holds any hearings on violations and challenges.

    Eligibility No member of this committee shall hold an official position in a campaign or be a candidate for any office subject to the election at the CEA-Retired Annual Meeting.

  • Planning Committee

    Plans and evaluates the Annual Spring Meeting and Fall Issues Conference.

  • Special Services Committee

    Works with CEA Special Services and NEA Member Benefits. Informs CEA-Retired Members of CEA/NEA Special Services. Provides information for The Advisor and website. Investigates new services for CEA-Retired Members.

  • Newsletter/Communications Committee

    Submits material to be published in The Advisor. Communicates with officers, Advisory Council members, and committee chairs to ensure the appropriate content of the information submitted to The Advisor

Committee Application

Community Volunteering

For many years, you gave your time, energy and love to make a difference in the lives of children. Now as retirees, you have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others in many different ways. Below are just a few of the volunteer opportunities that some of our members reported to us. We hope you will find the list useful as you expand your horizons as retirees.

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Rapid Response Team

Several years ago, the Advisory Committee voted to establish several special ad hoc committees, among them the Rapid Response Team and a group of Super Activists.

The Rapid Response Team consists of member volunteers who live close to Hartford and might be called upon for various legislative-centered activities such as assisting with call banks, helping to assemble legislative materials, attending legislative hearings and committee meetings, helping to organize at rallies, and even offering testimony at legislative hearings.

CEA-Retired is adding members to our Rapid Response Team of individuals and if you are willing to help, please email CEA-Retired President Gloria Brown at

Super Activists

Our newest group is a cadre of retired members what we consider our Super Activists. About 100 of our members stepped forward and undertook additional training at workshops to become more effective advocates for both CEA and NEA legislative issues. They spearhead our organizations efforts to maintain a strong advocacy group that is willing to become very involved in all aspects of promoting CEA and NEA's legislative program ranging from supporting local candidates that have been endorsed by CEA and NEA and working by holding "back home" meetings with state and Congressional legislators to organizing their fellow retired members into stronger actions.


Did you ever wonder how all of the membership and informative materials are assembled for a mailing to potential and new members? As they say, it takes many hands and that either means our CEA staff members taking their valuable time away from their normal duties, or volunteers helping out.

CEA membership materials are assembled several times a year by both our Membership Committee and some dedicated members who are willing to travel to CEA, work on some necessary project, and renew long standing acquaintances at the same time.

CEA-R Volunteers

Seen in the photo above are some members who got together to assemble and send out a mailing to potential members. They are (from left to right) Marilyn Ettman, Lucy Petrella, Membership Chair Vicky Greenberg, Barbara O'Keefe, and Marge Hubbard.

Volunteers also help out assembling other information or working at phone banks as we alert our members to insure that we elect candidates who are real public education supporters to office, candidates who aren't afraid to fight to protect Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, and defeat ongoing attempts to cut these critical programs. We need leaders who, once elected, will join those in office who work for the rights of teachers and public education and work for common sense changes that we so badly need in America. We need elected officials who can and will stand up to Citizens United to rid Washington of corporate money and corporate politics.

If you are interested in volunteering for any of these tasks, just contact CEA-Retired's staff associate, Cherie Young at CEA. You can reach her during the business day at 860-525-5641 or 800-842-4316 or by e-mailing her at

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