CEF Holiday Bear Project

2019 CEF Holiday Bear Project

The Connecticut Education Foundation's (CEF) Holiday Bear Project is our holiday gift-giving project that links CEA members, the public, and businesses with needy public school students. Bear down for a worthy cause by sponsoring a needy Connecticut child. Your efforts will help the child bear up during the holidays.

More than 10,000 Connecticut public school students have benefited from the holiday program since it began in 1998.

The holidays will soon be approaching, and this page gives you the information needed to participate. Contact Mary Pat Soucy marypats@cea.org if you have questions.

Documentation and Resources

My Favorite Things Worksheet Instruction Flyer
Information for Nominators

"We can't thank you enough for your generosity and support. Once again this year, our members, CEA staff, and children opened up their hearts to help bring joy and happiness to some of our neediest students across Connecticut."

CEA Vice President Tom Nicholas,
Connecticut Education Foundation President

Missing the deadline may mean a very disappointed child.

· September - November Sponsor Forms will be accepted continuously throughout the project until all children have sponsors
· Friday, October 15
We are no longer accepting nominations. Thank you all for your generosity and support!
Nomination/Child Information Application
· Thursday, December 2 Gifts delivered to CEA or a CEA UniServ office for distribution

  • Sponsor a Child

    CEA will provide information on a nominated child. A sponsor purchases gifts, and drops the package off at the child's school or closest CEA office.

    Be a Self Sponsor

    An individual group or local affiliate may nominate AND request to sponsor the child (or a number of children)

    Contact Mary Pat Soucy marypats@cea.org for more information.

    Access Sponsor Form

  • Be a Contributor

    Purchase food gift certificates. Don't want to shop? You can donate money toward gifts for a child.

    Contributions made payable to:

    CEF - Holiday Bear Project

    21 Oak Street
    Suite 500
    Hartford, CT 06106
  • Nominate a Child

    Gifts will be delivered to designated person or place at school.

    Nominating teachers will arrange for legal guardian(s) to pick up the gift.

    Nominations are closed because we have reached our limit. If you would like to submit your name on a nomination waiting list, please contact Tom Nicholas or Mary-Pat Soucy. Thank you.

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