December 2015

CEA Advocates for State to Use New ESSA Authority to Improve Teacher Evaluation Guidelines

Calls on PEAC and legislators to do what's right for students

CEA is calling for revisions to Connecticut's teacher evaluation guidelines based on new flexibility allowed in the recently passed Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

CEA leadership is addressing the issue before the Performance Evaluation Advisory Council (PEAC), with a renewed effort to improve the state's current system. CEA is one of many public education stakeholders who sit on the council that makes suggestions to the State Board of Education on teacher evaluation.

If PEAC fails to take positive action, CEA plans to seek legislative action urging lawmakers to do what is best for students. CEA would mobilize members to push for a teacher evaluation system that is fair, reliable, and meaningful, permanently ending the unfair and invalid practice of linking teacher evaluations to high-stakes standardized test scores—a purpose for which they were never intended.

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