December 2015

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Ten smart ideas to stretch your holiday budget

The holidays can be tough on an educator's wallet, but with these 10 tips from NEA Member Benefits, as well as NEA's Member Discounts, you can give more and spend less.

If you're tempted to apply for a loan to finance the winter holidays, you're not alone. Individual shoppers spent an average of over $800 during the 2014 season, according to the National Retail Federation.

Where did it all go? An estimated $459 was spent on gifts for family members and $80 on gifts for friends; nearly $105 on food; just under $54 on decorations; and about $29 on greeting cards, among other goodies.

All of that can add up to a major burden on an educator's salary. Consider these budget-friendly tips and deals to take the sting out of your holiday spending.

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