November 2015

On New State Panel, CEA Pushes Ahead to Improve Testing Practices

Teachers who testified will be featured in video being produced by CEA and delivered to panel

Don Williams, CEA director of Policy, Research, and Reform, and Marcia Ferreira, a literacy coach in Windsor, are CEA's representatives on the state's Mastery Examination Committee.

CEA is redoubling its efforts to ensure that teachers' perspectives on testing are front and center as a new state committee confronts the testing burden and its detrimental impact on students, especially special needs students and low-income students from schools with limited technology resources.

This fall, Windsor teacher Marcia Ferreira and Don Williams, CEA director of Policy, Research, and Reform, conducted a "Listening Tour on Testing" at County Forum Meetings across the state. They gathered heart-rending and important comments from teachers. They plan to present committee members with a video of the teachers' comments from the County Forums at a future Mastery Examination Committee meeting.

There are few issues as important as testing. BlogCEA encourages you read the new and biggest study yet on testing. Let us know what resonates with you. Surely, you will find some of your students experiences mirrored in the new study.

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