April 2016

Attacks on Teachers by State Board of Ed Members

Time is now to contact your legislators and tell them to pass SB 380

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Time is now to contact your legislators and tell them to pass SB 380

State Board of Education members made very clear that they will not accept any further delays in tying SBAC scores to teacher evaluations.

CEA Executive Director Mark Waxenberg said the Board's actions and comments means PEAC is irrelevant.

"The board made it perfectly clear that they want SBAC scores tied to teacher evaluations and that they are done with PEAC's recommendations. Now it's up to us to take action and get legislators to pass SB 380, permanently severing the link," said Waxenberg.

Below are some Board of Education members' comments from their April 6 meeting.

"I remember sitting here last time we postponed the use of mastery scores in teacher evaluations," said Joseph Vrabely, who ultimately abstained from the vote. "I said publicly that if a postponement came back to the board again I would not approve it."

Estela Lopez expressed concern that the state keeps moving back the deadline for the use of SBAC scores in teacher evaluations. "There is no perfect evaluation system. I have been evaluated all my life," she said. "You have to begin to apply it, it's never going to be perfect."

"I have no doubt on the essential point that we have to relate some portion of evaluation to the effect of a teacher on a student," said Board Chair Allan Taylor. "It just baffles me that anyone could be suggesting that until we solve every other problem in society that we can't evaluate teachers."

Taylor continued, "I'm drawing my line in the sand this year. One more year of postponement, no more."

Contact your legislators and let them know the truth about SBAC and why it is not an effective test for evaluating educators.

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