April 2016

Legislators Thank Retired Teachers for Speaking Out

Ask teachers to reach out

State Representative Joe Gresko, a cosponsor of SB 380, spoke with Retired Stratford teacher Lynnette Baroni.

"It's important to talk to us and express your views."

That was the message Sen. Paul Formica gave to nearly 100 retired teachers who converged on the State Capitol on April 6, for Retired Teachers' Lobby Day. More than a dozen legislators addressed the former educators, all with the same message: Reach out to us and tell us your concerns.

CEA-R Vice President Bill Murray told the retired teachers that it's important to talk to legislators about education-related issues including delinking SBAC scores from teacher evaluations, and funding teacher pensions and health care plans.

"This is where it happens and we are taking action to educate legislators on our issues. What we are doing makes a difference," he said.

To contact your legislators, visit www.cea.org/takeaction.

Visit blogcea.org to read the entire story and see photographs from the event.

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