December 2016

Mastery Examination Committee's Draft Report Falls Short

CEA intensifies effort to ensure SBAC use is appropriate and fair

CEA Director of Policy, Research, and Reform Donald Williams.

A draft report on the use of the state's mastery exams, prepared by the State Department of Education (SDE), has failed to address key problems that CEA and other groups have brought to the attention of the state's Mastery Examination Committee. Concerns center on the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) test's validity, its potential misuse as a measure of teacher effectiveness, and technology issues that negatively affect students in all schools—disproportionately so in high-needs districts.

CEA will continue to push for teachers' concerns and recommendations to be included in the final report, which is due to state legislators on January 15.

Read more at and learn how teachers can make their concerns known to state decision-makers.

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