December 2016

Post-Election Bullying on the Rise

Classroom resources counter hateful rhetoric and foster positive dialogue

More than 10,000 teachers, counselors, and administrators recently participated in a national survey on classroom climate, and 90 percent reported a negative impact as a result of this year's election. Most indicated they believe the impact will be long-lasting, and the majority (80 percent) describe greater anxiety among students and concern for their families.

Classrooms and communities around the country have seen a surge in bullying, verbal harassment, and violent acts.

"Sadly," said CEA President Sheila Cohen, "troubling incidents have been reported and investigated in schools and communities here in Connecticut, leaving teachers to handle heightened student anxiety, fear, harassment, and intimidation based on race, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, and disability. Our teachers are working hard to ensure that in even in these uncertain times, their classrooms remain safe, welcoming, and free of bias and fear."

Resources to help teachers address these issues in their classroom, facilitate difficult conversations, and maintain a safe, welcoming environment are available at

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