February 2016

Online Resources for Building Reps

Share information with your colleagues

Did you know that you can now link to individual articles in the CEA Advisor, and print or email them to your colleagues?

Just visit cea.org and click on "About" then "Our Publications" and find an article in a current or past edition of the CEA Advisor. The new online tools allow you to read the CEA Advisor in a magazine format and allows you to send specific stories to your colleagues.

For instance, last month, the story "Together with CEA: You Benefit from the Support, Programs, and Resources that Make a Difference to You," can be accessed by clicking here.

Once on the site, you can also click on the share button, and email the article. You can also copy and paste the url into an email and send it to your colleagues. Please use these new features to share articles and stories of importance with your colleagues.

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