March 2016

Battle Over What Teachers Really Think About SBAC and Evaluations

Stand up and tell legislators what you think

State Capitol

At the state legislature, a cloud of misinformation is hanging over what teachers think about SBAC and their evaluations.

CEA leaders tell legislators plain and simple that teachers do not want SBAC linked to their evaluations. It's why CEA leaders say Senate Bill 380 would be a home run for public schools because the bill severs SBAC from evaluations.

The Education Commissioner and others, however, say teachers really like having SBAC in evaluations. They are working to defeat Senate Bill 380 in the Education Committee which is likely to wrap up business in the next two weeks. That deadline makes it essential for teachers to contact their legislators now explaining why linking SBAC and evaluations is bad for teaching and learning, takes time away from student learning, and is very bureaucratic and heavy with unnecessary paperwork.

It is for time to teachers to stand up and be counted. Do not let the Education Commissioner and others twist your words about the legislative change you feel is necessary.

If your legislators are members of the Education Committee,
CLICK HERE right now to contact them and ask them to support SB 380.

Visit for the complete story on yesterday's hearing and CEA's report summarizing research about the use of high-stakes test scores in teacher evaluations.

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