October 2016

Connecticut Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Appeal of CCJEF Decision

Broad mandates impact teachers and students

The Connecticut Supreme Court has agreed to hear the appeal of the Connecticut Coalition for Justice in Education Funding v. Rell (CCJEF v. Rell) lawsuit decision, which was broad, overreaching, and failed to require the state to provide adequate funding for all schools—the main purpose of the lawsuit.

Unfortunately, the CCJEF ruling proposed mandates that some corporate reformers may try to use to their advantage in hopes of influencing lawmakers to make changes on everything from teacher evaluation to new graduation standards.

CEA is not waiting for the Supreme Court's review of the appeal, but moving forward and aggressively planning legislative agenda and strategies—your input is needed.

CEA has scheduled eight County Forum Meetings across the state where you can learn how the CCJEF ruling would impact you and your classroom and offer input on the issues.

The forums will also provide information regarding the new federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) that returns decision-making for our schools back to the state. Your comments on ESSA implementation are needed and will help determine how Connecticut shapes the new law for our students and our profession.

Legislators from across the state have been invited to attend the County Forums to hear directly from you regarding the CCJEF ruling and ESSA implementation. Register to attend a County Forum and have your voice heard on these and other important issues that will impact our future. We are stronger together.

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