October 2016

K-2 Teachers: Your input is needed

Take the CEA survey on Common Core

Educators who work with students in grades K-2 are encouraged to take a CEA survey on the developmental appropriateness of Common Core Standards for students in the early elementary grades.

The brief survey—two to three minutes—is for elementary school teachers, support specialists, social workers, and school psychologists who work with students in grades K-2. Teachers who currently work with students in a higher grade but previously taught kindergarten, first, or second grade, or have special insight into how the Common Core is impacting students in these grades are also encouraged to participate.

Responses will remain anonymous and will provide quantitative data which will be shared with teachers, parents, and other interested stakeholders seeking to understand how the Common Core is impacting our youngest learners.

Take the Survey

For more information, contact Kate Field at katef@cea.org.

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