December 2017

Student Artwork Wanted

Feature your school's artists in CEA's student art exhibit

Currently on display at CEA: West Hartford students' artwork.

Students create amazing works of art. Why not let a wider audience enjoy them?

CEA's Hartford office proudly displays student artwork, and we invite your school to create our next monthly display.

Our artwork display area is 4' high by 18' wide and can easily accommodate 8-10 large works or 15-20 small or medium pieces. If possible, we ask that student artwork be matted, preferably in a color other than white or off-white, which is the background for the display.

Each student's artwork should be accompanied by an index card containing the following information:

Teachers are responsible for hanging the artwork at the beginning of the month and arranging for it to be picked up when the display is replaced. We also ask that students' names, grouped by teacher, be provided to CEA on a separate sheet of paper so that we may send thank-you cards as well as an invitation to each artist to visit CEA and view his or her work.

For more information, or to reserve a month, contact CEA's Lauren McGovern at

Building reps: Please share this information with the art teachers in your building.

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