December 2017

What Do You Do When a Member Is Investigated by DCF?

What every building rep needs to know

As a building rep, you are an advocate for the teachers in your building and often the first person colleagues turn to when they have a question or concern.

But what happens when a matter involves the Department of Children and Families?

If a member is accused of abuse or is being questioned by DCF, you should immediately:

  1. Call your CEA UniServ Rep.
  2. Refrain from discussing the case with the member yourself; in DCF and criminal investigations, you have no immunity in court, and you are not protected under the law. If a member discloses information that should be reported to DCF and you fail to report it, there could be legal consequences.
  3. Advise the member not to speak to anybody about the allegation until hearing from the UniServ Rep or CEA attorney.

Want to know more? Contact your UniServ Rep to schedule free building rep training in your local.

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