February 2017

How Will Gov. Malloy's Budget Impact Students and Teachers?

New focus on pensions and healthcare fund

In a preview of his budget address on Wednesday, February 8, Governor Malloy today held a news conference detailing a plan that recognizes the need for the state to keep its promise to teachers by addressing the state's obligation to the retired teachers' healthcare fund and by reducing the state income tax on teacher pensions.

But, he also announced a partnership plan with cities and towns that could have unintended, long-term consequences on teachers and students. This plan could result in cuts to classes and other educational programs, teacher layoffs, and larger class sizes for our students.

Read CEA President Sheila Cohen's statement on the governor's teacher retirement budget proposal.

CEA will be looking for clarity on the governor's priorities and paying close attention to other proposals related to education funding, binding arbitration, and other issues that affect teachers and their students.

Stay tuned to cea.org and blogcea.org for updates.

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