January 2017

PEAC Responds to Teachers' Concerns

Agrees more time needed to define use of state mastery test

CEA Executive Director Mark Waxenberg discussed the use of mastery exam scores in teacher evaluation with other members of the Performance Evaluation Advisory Council.

CEA President Sheila Cohen and Executive Director Mark Waxenberg, who have seats on Connecticut's Performance Evaluation Advisory Council (PEAC), have repeatedly raised concerns regarding the use of mastery examination scores in teacher evaluations. At its most recent meeting, PEAC acted on those concerns. In a unanimous decision, the council agreed to recommend that for the next academic year, the State Board of Education not require mastery exam scores in teachers' evaluations.

"There was a clear shift," said Waxenberg. "All PEAC members understand that we are doing good things now, and we do not want to dampen the good work being done in classrooms across Connecticut." PEAC will continue meeting to define the purpose and appropriate uses of the state mastery exam, and CEA will continue representing members' views on the issues.

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