November 2017

Governor Signs Bipartisan Budget

What it means for your students, your classroom, and your profession

CEA's hard-fought battle for a fair state budget has resulted in a plan that retains the majority of ECS funding for Connecticut's cities and towns and avoids unfairly shifting the state's share of the cost of teacher pensions onto municipalities. That budget was signed by Governor Malloy this week.

Unfortunately, the budget also includes a payroll tax on teachers—an increase in the amount that comes out of teachers' salaries and goes into the teacher retirement fund. Legislators had originally proposed a two-percent tax on teachers; vocal opposition from CEA and thousands of its members resulted in a new proposal that reduces the tax increase to one percent.

CEA strongly opposes this increase, in part because it does not strengthen or add to teachers' retirement benefits—it simply supplants a portion of what the state pays into the fund.

While we do not find even a one-percent teacher tax acceptable, and while we do not agree with everything in the budget, this plan does two important things: It helps prevent teacher layoffs, and it staves off cuts to programs and resources that would have led to larger class sizes and fewer opportunities for our students.

A number of harmful measures were proposed and considered over the last several months, but thanks to the tireless advocacy of CEA's leaders and its thousands of teacher members, legislators took notice and took heed.

Read CEA President Sheila Cohen's statement on the budget and see how your town fares under this new plan.

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