October 2017

TV Ad Puts Connecticut Educators in the Spotlight

Shares the message that every student, every teacher matters

CEA is launching a TV ad campaign underscoring the vital role teachers play in every child's future.

The campaign reminds viewers that teachers are critical to the success of every child—and to our state's success as well. Amid competing priorities, and with municipal services scrambling for every dollar, it's an important reminder that supporting Connecticut's dedicated teachers is an investment in our children's future, and in our own future as a state.

Featuring teachers and students from every part of the state, the ad emphasizes, "Well-resourced public schools and dedicated teachers unlock our children's potential, and that spells success for all of us."

The ad will air on Connecticut's major television networks, cable channels, and radio stations throughout October. Catch it first during this Sunday's broadcast of 60 Minutes. It will be live on cea.org beginning October 9.

CEA's ad campaign was made possible with funding from a National Education Association grant to celebrate the work of teachers and advance the cause of public education.

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