February 2018

A Powerful Video for Your Next 10-Minute Meeting

The union advantage: Strong unions vs. weak unions

Now more than ever it's important for Connecticut teachers to understand the vital connection between teacher voice, good salaries and working conditions, and the strength of the union—and how union strength depends on member engagement.

In states where union strength has been eroded, so too have teacher salaries, benefits, and working conditions. Teachers in those states do not have a say in what or how they teach, and in the end—with high teacher turnover and huge class sizes—it's the students who lose.

At your next 10-minute meeting, show the short, powerful CEA video Membership Matters, featuring Connecticut teachers explaining what's at stake.

Follow up with a handout that illustrates the union advantage, and ask each teacher at the meeting to share a copy of this handout with a colleague who couldn't attend.

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