January 2018

CEA to Legislators: "Our Students Can't Wait"

Teachers sound off against education cuts, urge special legislative session

Another round of planned cuts in education funding for Connecticut cities and towns has prompted teachers around the state to reach out to lawmakers and urge them to stand up for public schools--now.

CEA and AFT Connecticut sent a letter to legislative leaders urging them to hold a special session before the regular legislative session begins February 7.

"Our message to lawmakers is to restore critical education funding to our public schools," said CEA President Sheila Cohen. "Our students can't wait."

The letter follows on the heels of a CEA Action Alert advising members of "the nightmare before Christmas"—massive funding cuts just before the holidays that would compel towns to lay off teachers mid-year, limit scarce school resources, swell class sizes, and eliminate programs—all of which put our students at risk. The outreach took place as legislators prepared to convene a special session to discuss Medicare funding; CEA members urged them to put education funding on their agenda too.

Nearly 1,100 CEA teachers contacted their lawmakers before the holidays, and 500 reached out to legislative leaders, asking them to undo the governor's new $58 million in cuts, restore much-needed ECS funding, and block the governor's plan to cut an additional $50 million in funding next year.

We urge you and your colleagues to continue advocating for your students, your profession, and your schools. Here's how to contact your legislators.

As always, we are stronger together.

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