January 2018

Weingarten Rights: What Every Building Rep Needs to Know

Four criteria for union representation when a colleague is called into a meeting

Your administrator requests a meeting with a teacher in your building. As a building rep, are you required to attend and represent your colleague? That depends on the nature of the meeting and other variables.

The Connecticut State Board of Labor Relations states that the right to representation arises when the following criteria are met:

  1. The employer (administrator) calls the meeting
  2. The teacher's attendance is mandatory
  3. The teacher has a reasonable basis for believing that the meeting will result in discipline or place his or her job in jeopardy
  4. The teacher requests representation*
*Not all teachers know that they are entitled to representation in cases such as these, so be sure that you explain your colleagues' rights to them. Teachers are not entitled to have a specific union representative in the meeting; they are, however, entitled to have union representation.

For more information or to schedule building rep training, contact your CEA UniServ Representative.

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