June 2018

For Bridgeport Building Rep, History Is the Best Teacher

Lessons from 1978 strike still hold true today

When Amy Broad, a building rep at Bridgeport's Winthrop School, talks about union membership with teachers at her school, she puts it in a historical context. Without the sacrifice of the Bridgeport Education Association (BEA) members who went on strike in 1978, many of whom went to jail, teachers would not have the wages, benefits, and working conditions they enjoy today.

"A lot of people who are teaching now aren't aware of what the strikers actually did," Broad says. "We have the advantage of having prep periods, and pay, and collective bargaining, and all of that, and some teachers today don't know where that came from. They don't realize what was going on back before 1978, and that those things had to be fought for."

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