June 2018

If You Suspect a Student Is Abused or Neglected

A resource for your next 10-minute meeting

Have you ever encountered a child in your classroom with unexplained injuries? A student whose clothing doesn't match the weather, who has poor hygiene, or who withdraws from physical or social interaction?

While these may be signs of any number of issues—as well as normal child development—they could also be indicators of abuse or neglect.

As a teacher, what are your roles and responsibilities when you suspect a student is being neglected or abused?

This is an important topic to address at your next 10-minute meeting. Here are some points to share:

For more information, ask your local president to schedule a free Teachers and the Law workshop in your district, presented by CEA's legal team.

Additional resources for your 10-minute meetings are available at CEA's website exclusively for building reps, www.cea.org/members/buildingreps/index.cfm. You will need your membership number to log in.

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