May 2018

How to Respond to Aggressive Student Behavior

A resource for your next 10-minute meeting

Aggressive student behavior toward teachers has been called a silent crisis, because many teachers are unsure of their rights, administrators are often unwilling to address or report the problem, and aggressive students are increasingly the youngest children in our schools.

This is an important topic to address at your next 10-minute meeting. Review your school's safety plan, board of education policies, and collective bargaining agreement. Understand your protections. Here are some points to share:

Much more information on this topic is available. See model contract language, reporting forms, and more—for members only—at Ask your local president or UniServ Rep to schedule a free workshop in your district—Preventing and Responding to Assaults by Students—presented by CEA's Robyn Kaplan-Cho, exclusively for CEA members.

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