May 2018

Join CEA's Student Voter Registration Drive

A great way to engage your colleagues and students

CEA is proud to partner with the Registrars of Voters Association of Connecticut on a month-long voter registration drive in Connecticut's high schools, beginning May 1. High school building reps will play a key role in this effort.

The goal of this drive is to encourage all students who will be 18 years of age on or before Election Day—November 6— to register to vote. To that end, CEA has created a link ( that takes students directly to the State of Connecticut's Online Voter Registration System. We have also designed "Register to Vote" stickers featuring this link, and we are providing these to high school building representatives in time to kick off the voter registration drive.

Building Reps:
Please print and post this letter in your faculty breakroom.

If you have not yet received your packet, please contact your CEA UniServ Rep or local president right away.

High school building reps are being asked to distribute stickers to the teachers in their buildings. (You may choose to start with those who teach civics, history, or social studies.) CEA emailed all high school teachers about the voter registration drive and how they can play a part; be sure to remind them to participate. Print the letter below and post it in your faculty breakroom.

CEA's coordinated registration drive has the approval of Connecticut's school superintendents and your administrators, but it will be successful only if teachers take an active role. I hope you will mobilize your colleagues to talk to their students and encourage them to exercise their right to vote.

Thank you, in advance, for participating in this important effort!

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