May 2018

Still Time to Pass Pro-Teacher, Education-Friendly Bills

Legislative Session Ends May 9

With less than a week left of the 2018 General Assembly Session, CEA is pushing hard to pass legislation that does right by Connecticut's teachers, students, and public schools.

While lawmakers may choose not to reopen the budget, we are still pushing for a repeal of the one-percent payroll tax increase unfairly placed on teachers and a reamortization of the Teachers Retirement Fund. We are also calling for a restoration of at least $8 million to retired teachers' insurance and $1.5 million for TEAM funding for new teachers. In addition, we support a bill that just passed the House and now goes to the Senate for consideration. HB 5171 would prohibit the governor from making rescissions or other reductions to ECS.

CEA is also pushing for a number of bills that would make classrooms safer places for teachers to work and students to learn. One of those measures addresses the silent crisis of student assaults against teachers, a widely unknown problem that gained prominence at the State Capitol this year when educators at various points in their careers and from every type of school bravely shared their stories. This bill is expected to pass with broad bipartisan support—but only if it is called for a vote.

Contact your legislators today and urge your fellow teachers to do the same

Ask them to call SB 453 and other bills important for teachers for a vote, and remind them to make the right choices for children, teachers, and public education. They will be voting in the upcoming days, and they need to hear from you now.

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