May 2018

With CEA's Help, Locals Organize, Stand Stronger Together

In town after town, city after city, teachers fight back against harmful cuts

Like their colleagues standing up for fair wages and education funding across the nation, hundreds of Westport teachers came together just over a week ago, wearing red, in a show of strength and solidarity. Appearing before their town's Board of Education, they objected to layoff notices handed out to 160 nontenured teachers after the Westport Education Association asked for a modest reduction in educator's out-of-pocket health insurance costs.

The strong showing, along with CEA support and a media presence, turned things around in Westport—where it was announced days later that all 160 teachers would keep their jobs and that the teachers' share of insurance premiums would in fact be lowered.

Similar battles have been waged in Stratford and Bridgeport, where teachers continue to stand up against layoffs and other cuts and freezes that jeopardize not only their jobs but also the safety and educational opportunities afforded to their students.

One of the keys to succeeding in a difficult climate such as this is standing together—as a local and as members of CEA. For help in engaging your colleagues, we've produced materials you can display or hand out, as well as a video you can show at your next 10-minute meeting. Go to CEA's new website for building reps, click Member Engagement, and see our Because campaign and Membership Matters video.

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