January 2014

Teacher Evaluation Pilot Study Released

More flexibility and continuous revisions needed

On Thursday, Jan. 2, 2014, the Connecticut Department of Education released the UConn Neag School of Education report on the implementation of SEED, Connecticut's system for educator evaluation and development, in the 10 pilot districts/consortia during the 2012-13 school year.

The 81-page report found that "SEED was implemented with a relatively high degree of fidelity." It also outlined issues and challenges, including the fact that opportunities for professional growth through SEED were not fully realized. The report called for strengthening the infrastructure and outlined eight recommendations.

  1. Provide additional opportunities for all educators to learn about SEED.
  2. Build the skills of evaluators.
  3. Increase the use of complementary observers.
  4. Provide additional guidance on Student Learning Objectives and Indicators of Academic Growth and Development.
  5. Clarify and contextualize SEED to district and school personnel.
  6. Disseminate promising practices.
  7. Provide additional assistance to low-performing districts to support SEED's implementation.
  8. Continue to track SEED's implementation and effects.

CEA Executive Director Mark Waxenberg said the report clearly shows the need for flexibility and continuous revisions. "The report reflects many of the concerns and issues teachers have been tackling. We must all continue to work together with the stakeholders to revise the plan and get it done right for the best interest of the students in the classroom."

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