January 2014

What does 2014 hold for legislators?

Legislative session begins Feb. 5

The Office of Legislative Research released a 25-page report predicting bills and concepts that may be raised during the 2014 legislative session.

The short session starts Feb. 5, and legislative committees will introduce and write legislation.

The CT News Junkie wrote that there are major changes ahead for education.


Big changes are on the horizon for students and teachers across Connecticut.

Connecticut is one of 45 states rolling out the new Common Core State Standards for math and language arts transitioning away from its Connecticut Mastery Test and Connecticut Academic Performance Test. Full implementation of the new testing criteria will start in the 2014-15 school year. The legislature may decide how they want to implement the new test and the new teacher evaluation system.

"To avoid too many changes taking place simultaneously in the education system, the state may seek a delay in full implementation of the evaluation system until there is more time for teachers and students to adapt to CCSS [Common Core State Standards]," researchers wrote. "Connecticut is currently waiting for federal flexibility approval regarding testing tied to CCSS and the timing of the full implementation of the teacher evaluation. The General Assembly may need to consider legislation that would help the state gain federal approval."

Also since the new tests are administered on computers the technological capability of school districts to administer them may also pose challenges.

Read the complete article in the CT News Junkie

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