May 2014

State Board of Education Approves Changes to Educator Evaluation

Use of single standardized test score prohibited

The State Board of Education approved changes to Connecticut's Guidelines for Educator Evaluation on May 7. The State Board acted on recommendations from the Performance Evaluation Advisory Council (PEAC).

According to Commissioner Stefan Pryor, the emphasis on interim assessments in the revised guidelines is an important point. "PEAC has not offered definition to the term interim assessment. There was some discussion, but there was no resolution. Some members of PEAC expressed the concern that interim assessments be valid and reliable, and there was discussion that districts be able to select interim assessments that work for them," Pryor said.

Pryor said he believes, "There need to be parameters and criteria for the selection of these interim assessments for districts."

The most significant action taken by PEAC specifies:

One half (22.5%) of the indicators of academic growth and development used as evidence of whether goals/objectives are met shall not be determined by a single, isolated standardized test score, but shall be determined through the comparison of data across assessments administered over time.

Poll after poll and boycott after boycott around the nation indicate that the public is deeply concerned about the overreliance on testing and data that has consumed our schools. The PEAC action should relieve some of the concern here in Connecticut.

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