November 2014

It's Down to the Wire

Vote for the candidate who will support our pensions, education funding, and collective bargaining

Examine the facts:

See where the gubernatorial candidates stand on the issues.

Dan Malloy

  • Increased public education funds by half a billion dollars
  • Is the first governor in state history to annually fully fund the teacher pension plan during his term in office
  • Will protect our collective bargaining rights completely.

Tom Foley

  • Would eliminate our guaranteed retirement benefits and replace it with an alternative, privatized system
  • Called for a "Wisconsin moment" in Connecticut, whereby collective bargaining rights for teachers would be eradicated.
  • Supports a "Money Follows the Child" scheme that will have enormous consequences for students, families, teachers, and communities. A CEA analysis indicates that Foley's scheme will drain more than $35 million from local public schools, causing teacher layoffs, larger class sizes, and possibly closing schools or turning them into charters. Read CEA's analysis on Money Follows the Child.

As you prepare to vote on Election Day, compare and contrast the candidates.

Examine the facts and vote for a better direction. Malloy/Wyman.

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