September 2014

Building Reps have Ten Chances to Win

Send us your comments and enter to win monthly drawing

It's a new school year, and that means you have ten opportunities to win our monthly drawing for a $25 gift cart to Target.

Send us your comments, suggestions and story ideas for the Association Conntact Union Report and you will be entered into our monthly drawing for a chance to win a gift card to Target. One gift card winner will be selected each month and will be recognized in the Association Conntact Union Report. All of the monthly entries will be entered into an annual grand prize drawing in June to win a Nook.

Mansfield first-grade teacher Janet Pagoni won the CEA Association Conntact Union Report annual grand prize drawing—a Nook.

The June 2014 winner was Janet Pagoni, a first-grade teacher and Building Rep at the Dorothy Goodwin Elementary School in Mansfield. In this photo, UniServ Rep. Michael Casey delivered the Nook to her on the last day of school. We hope she got a lot of summer reading pleasure from it.

Your chance to win

Just send us your name, address, phone number, email, and the name of your school, along with your comments, suggestions, and story ideas for the Conntact to:

Good Luck!

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