June 2015

Legislators Respond to Concerns About SBAC

Create task force to examine issues

State Senator and Education Committee Co-Chair Gayle Slossberg today announced legislation to eliminate SBAC for 11th graders and establish a task force to examine SBAC's appropriateness for students in grades 3-8. From left are Senate President Pro Tempore Martin Looney, Senator Tim Larson, Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff, Slossberg, Education Committee Co-Chair Rep. Andy Fleischmann, Senator Toni Boucher, Senator Cathy Osten, and Senator Steve Casano.

Legislators are listening to the concerns of teachers, students, and parents. At a May 28 news conference at the State Capitol lawmakers rolled out Substitute Senate Bill 1095 that eliminates the SBAC exam for 11th graders and establishes a task force to examine the impact of SBAC on students in grades 3-8.

CEA President Sheila Cohen said, "We commend teachers for their diligence this year in chronicling the problems with SBAC, and sharing those experiences with their legislators. We applaud legislators, especially Senator Gayle Slossberg and her Education Committee co-chair, State Representative Andy Fleischmann, for listening and taking action by advancing this proposal that increases accountability and provides a strong commitment to Connecticut's examination of the impact of SBAC, the statewide mastery examination, on student learning time."

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