May 2015

A Plan to End Excessive Testing

Less testing, more learning and improved outcomes for students

Parents, teachers, and voters are fed up with Connecticut burdening students with too much testing and want their state legislators to end excessive testing. Legislators are considering a testing bill, SB 1095, but it doesn't go far enough to ensure less testing and more learning for students.

SB 1095 must be amended to include aspects of CEA's plan that identifies and meets the needs of students, helps them grow academically, and inspires the skills for success that testing can't measure, including critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication.

CEA's plan provides better accountability and reliability than the Smarter Balanced Assessment consortium test (SBAC); our plan measures both academic grade equivalency and growth in the same academic year.

See CEA's complete plan at

The Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) exam is a high-stakes test. SBAC must be phased out because the test

Addressing the problem

Connecticut lawmakers should eliminate the burdensome SBAC test and create an improved system of school accountability that is not unduly tied to one arbitrary test score.

What you can do

Tell your state lawmakers to put an end to high-stakes testing and allow teachers to do what they do best—respond to the educational needs of students. Teachers succeed by nurturing curiosity, creativity, and love of learning in their students.

Join us

Connecticut can become a national leader by reducing high-stakes standardized testing, while supporting high academic standards and restoring time for classroom instruction.

Join us for a rally at the state Capitol on May 12. Your activism is needed to tell lawmakers that SB 1095 must be amended to ensure less testing and more learning for students.

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