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Welcome to the Connecticut Education Association

CEA advocates for students, teachers, and public education. We've been a driving force in lobbying legislators for the resources public schools need and campaigning for high standards for teachers and public education. Our proud history spans more than 150 years.


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    Survey Reveals Another Technology Gap

    June 27, 2016

    Teachers in high-poverty schools report fewer computers and less training on how to use technology with students compared to their colleagues in wealthier districts—leading to decreased confidence for these teachers when it comes to using educational technology. The Education Week Research Center surveyed approximately 700 teachers on their use of technology and released an analysis […]

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    Supporting Local Professional Development and Evaluation Committees

    June 24, 2016

    Collaboration between teachers and administrators is key to shaping educator evaluation and professional development programs to improve teaching and learning and help all students succeed. Most districts’ Professional Development and Evaluation Committees (PDECs) are collaborating and working well, while others could use additional support. That’s according to survey data reviewed by the Performance Evaluation Advisory […]

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